With last update with improved look and feel i doesn't see anything

Hi, i have just update OSMC on my Raspberry, and all update went fine, download, restart, i have then rebuild the menu of the skin and now i have this:

i can’t do anything, my menu is gone, how i can fix it?

Try logging in with SSH and running the following command: (give it about 20 seconds to take effect after saying yes to the dialog that appears)

xbmc-send -a "RunScript(script.skinshortcuts,type=resetall)"

If that doesn’t work then try the following:

xbmc-send -a "ReloadSkin()"

With your hint it’s worked, the problem is that if go in the options and i Customize the Menu again, everything disappear again, it’s a bug?

So you’re saying that if you try to customise the home screen on the new skin that you lose your entire home screen menu again ? And that this did not happen on the older skin ?

Can you describe what options and customisations you’re making to the home menu when you see this problem so we can try to reproduce it ?

yes i’m saying this, and in the old version i haven’t this problem, i remove all options expect: Movies, TV Shows, Settings, Power, i want only this 4 options.

I have the same problem. In addition, I get a message that states, “Skin Shortcuts - Unable to build menu. Install Log Uploader to easily provide a debug log.” I have now also lost my profile and it is missing from the directory structure.

This last update did a number on me and I would like to recover with as little damage as possible. Any ideas?