With the Final of Kodi 19 I would love to see a compare of Vero, PI3 and PI4


I know atm. Kodi 19 is in RC State and we will not see OSMC on PI4 before Kodi 19 releases but it can’t be far away. As I know the PI4 is faster has more RAM (up to 8GB) but lacking of Hardware decoder for Video codecs, also the PI3 can’t play some codecs (4K, H265, HDR10) the Vero is a bit unknown to me.

Did someone compare them already in terms of features, codecs and speed?

This has hopefully been covered in details on the blog over the last couple of years as well as with comments here.

In short: I hope we have managed expectations for Pi 4 support sufficiently. The hardware is certainly capable but the software isn’t there to take advantage of things like HDR, which means that 4K content that is HDR won’t look right - a similar effect to playing HDR content on a non HDR device like ODroid C2.

The Vero will gain ‘stable’ support for some additional features like HDR10+, Frame Packed 3D output and HLG as the kernel that adds support for this functionality is released as a stable update.

I browse myself by it its a bit scattered and without knowing what the 64bit Linux under the Kodi can do, in Software its a bit tricky to take a statement.

Unfortunately because of the deprecation of MMAL and OMX, the experience on Pi2/3 will probably be slightly worse for a little while.

On Pi 4 - provided you’re only playing 1080p, you should be fine. HD audio support will follow later, but won’t work initially.

3D MVC support on these platforms is gone for now — the V4L2 spec supports it, but there is no support in Kodi to utilise it yet.

Yes that sums my headache

Bottom line 1 step back befor we can get 1 or 2 ahead of the PI3 with the PI4