(withdrawn) Upgrade skin.shortcuts

Simple feature request: Would it be possible to upgrade the built in skin.shortcuts addon to the latest github version?

(I’m using osmc with Hitcher’s FTV skin and that requires the latest github version of the addon)

just download the files and override the files in your addon folder


Done that but worry about conflicts between home/osmc/.kodi/addons/ and /usr/share/kodi/addons where the included addon is stored.

Well tried resolving potential issues by deleting the one in usr/share, (which probably shouldn’t be recommended) but the ftv skin widgets still don’t work, so I guess I’ll have to wait for isengard osmc :wink:

Thanks for the fast reply :smile:

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I think we ship a pretty modern version already with the skin. Is this not the case?


None of this should matter… Any repo installed skin should pull it’s req’d dependencies without any interaction from the user.

Well yes and no. FTV is a (fantastic) WIP skin, and as such it
a) can’t be installed through a repo
b) has some dependencies that aren’t available in any repo.

Also, since it doesn’t officially support Helix (mostly works but without support and a few features don’t), on OSMC the skin has to be installed manually since the installer would complain that dependencies aren’t met.

And yeah Sam, I checked now you do ship the latest repo version (when I tinkered with this a while back you didn’t and now I didn’t check since no repo version would be sufficient anyway), just picked this up again since ftv had a massive update the other day. Although I’m able to use it with my android gotham box my OSMC box doesn’t play nice with the the FTV skin, thus the feature request is not requested anymore.


On a side note: I’m curious as to why add ons that are available through repos in kodi are part of the OSMC package instead of installed “normally” as dependencies of the default osmc-skin? that would make them belong to the osmc user instead and reside in the ~ folder, opening up for the more adventurous among us to tinker without mucking about in systems packages :wink:

Because I have sometimes seen people nuke .kodi to reset everything, and we don’t consider the /home/osmc/.kodi directory to be a permanent storage location