WOL NAS from Raspberry Pi

I have 2 raspberry pi2 with OSMC July 08 relaese
but from june 08 release the wol (wake on lan) of nas ds213j
is very slowly. Every time when Nas is in stand by
the osmc shows the error that the file doesn’t exist;
I have to repeat the play a second time in the meantime that the nas has turned on and then the film starts
The precedent release there isn’t this problem on none of the 2 raspberry; now the same problem is present on all two rasperry pi2 osmc

You haven’t shown us your WOL settings, so we have nothing to go on.

I suggest you look at Wake on lan - Official Kodi Wiki once again and experiment with the various wait parameters.

How can i shown you my WOL setting?
Is there a setting in osmc?
Raspberry and Nas are connecting by ethernet cable with the router.

So how did you configure WOL?

I’m not expert. In my Nas synology ds213j i was flagged "enable wol” and nothing.

But you obviously configured WOL before? How?

I don’t have a Synology NAS but I believe that “standby” is not the same as WOL. If the Synology comes back to life when you access its files, that’s disk hibernation. As to why it’s slower now, perhaps you have recently updated the Synology DSM software.

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Yes I was referring to hibernation.
Yes i have recently updated DSM

But stop standby by access nas file with PC is the same time
And stop standby by access nas file with osmc Raspberry pi2 it has become slower


Could you explain in more detail how you ran your tests?

simply because before the June release I did not see the error message “playback failed. check the log”. it took a while 'to start the file because the nas was hibernated but did not give me that error message. if the nas is already on, obviously no message appears

Here is the log: https://paste.osmc.tv/awifudikug


These tests.

excuse me. i was correct the precedent post

From the log I can see that you are using Kodi-based NFS to access your NAS.

The first timeout took about 41 seconds:

13:45:37.258 T:1925831168  NOTICE: VideoPlayer: Opening: nfs://
13:46:18.314 T:1346368256   ERROR: Open - Error, could not open file nfs:// 

The second timeout took about 40 seconds:

23:38:24.495 T:1925831168  NOTICE: VideoPlayer: Opening: nfs:// TV/House of Cards (US)/Stagione 2/House of Cards.(US).2x12.Capitolo.25.ITA-ENG.BDMux.XviD-K@.avi
23:39:05.297 T:1422914304   ERROR: Open - Error, could not open file nfs:// TV/House of Cards (US)/Stagione 2/House of Cards.(US).2x12.Capitolo.25.ITA-ENG.BDMux.XviD-K@.avi

It is quite possible that a Synology DSM update has increased the disk spin-up time from less than 40 seconds to over 40 seconds. You haven’t said what PC operating system you were using or what kind of test you performed, so the fact that it didn’t time out gives us little to go on. Perhaps it has a timeout that is greater than 40 seconds.

Kodi uses libnfs, which hasn’t been updated since late 2017, so unless @sam_nazarko can point to some very recent changes to Kodi’s use of NFS, I can’t see anything that would suggest a fault with OSMC.

Finally, you might find that using an fstab-based mount, rather than Kodi’s implementation of NFS, might help.

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40+ seconds seems to be a very long time for a drive to spin up. I’ve never really timed it, but I don’t think any of mine take more than 10 seconds, probably even less.

I’d suggest that the OP also check the drive, it may be failing. Good time for a backup :wink:

It’s a twin-drive Synology. I believe they sequence the spin-up.

I used the finder of a MacBook pro and it does not seem to me that the access time to the NAS with hibernating disks has increased


I haven’t changed libnfs in some time and Kodi’s implementation hasn’t either.



See Slow Wake from Hibernation After DSM Update

It’s a Synology issue.


Thanks a lot @dillthedog for support and your research.