Won't boot from SD card (RP 4)

I tried installing through downloaded image and it just won’t boot. If I try to install through the exe it claims the SD card is in use, despite it not being so.

How did you wrote the image to the SD Card?
Did you try to use Etcher balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives

I tried both Etcher and just the Raspberry Pi Imager, both result in the same, no boot screen, no anything

Make sure you aren’t running the installer or files from the SD card you plan to write to.

Make sure no other application is using the card.

I tried it straight after plugging in the card, nothing else should be using it, and the installer/files are not on the card

So when you use Etcher do you get an error message? If that is the case what is the content of the SD card after writing the image?
Which Download Image are you using?
Try to check the SD Card with H2Testw

I do not get an error message, Etcher claims to have worked.
I’m using the only Pi 4 one listed
The contents look normal enough afterwards, shows up as 2 different drives, one FAT 32 and one windows won’t read, so I’m guessing it’s EXT4 like other Pi images have been
And I’ve used multiple SD cards, one of which I have tested with H2Testw and came out fine

There should only be one partition.

The second partition is created after booting. If you have two partitions, then the device has booted and installed OSMC or the existing OS on that SD card is not being removed properly.

I actually do only remember one partition when I first made it, but this is indeed after I tried booting from it. So if that means it did boot, the question is why does it only show a black screen or no signal when booting up?

Which HDMI port did you try?
Also are you using a MiniHDMI to HDMI adapter or a full cable. People where reporting issues with adapters.

The HDMI port that is closer to the power
And it’s micro HDMI, but I’m using an adapter, only have full cords for full and mini

I have seen people who had problems with that but doesn’t mean it is same for you.
First I recommend to boot Rasbian on it and update to latest firmware to see if that helps.

What do you mean by the latest firmware?
And Raspbian seems to be having the same issue huh

Well that indicates a cable/connector or TV problem

Each Pi has a Firmware that is also provided as a Debian package and updated respectively. Check

Your hardware could be faulty if you cannot boot the official operating system