Working autocompletion feature for Vero 4K

As already self explanatory in the subject it could be great to have the Virtual Keyboard Autocompletion addon working also with the Vero 4K. This addon does not seem to support all the devices/architectures. I have a few devices at home and only a few of them support it, my Minix device for example, but raspberry pi or the Vero 4K do not. I tried to raise the issue with the developer but it does not look like we will go anywhere. He/she may not have a Vero 4K to be interested or have the possibility to fix it. I believe the best way it could be to have it as a separate feature of the OSMC for the supported devices. I do believe this to be an essential feature for the virtual kodi keyboard. I hope this request can be take seriously into consideration in the next future developments. Thanks

Our OSMC skin has support for the autocompletion addon. Can you explain in more detail what the issue is?

I have tried with the classic (confluence) skin only. Will check with the OSMC skin in a few hours and revert

Sorry I meant before Estuary (not Confluence).
Anyway I used also the OSMC skin and I have the same results.
When I use search within an addon, I get the list of suggestions but when I select one of them the Vero 4K simply crashes.
As said I don’t have this problem with other devices like the Minix but I have it with the firestick for example.
If you need a log I will do it but I think you should be able to reproduce the issue with any addon

Are you using the Phil65 autocompletion addon?

Yes. 1.0.1 version

Here is a copy of the old log. I took this once since there is a crash.

Let me know if it can help

Are your other devices running the same version of Kodi?


On the minix I m using 18.2, libreelec fork for minix x8-h

Ok – thanks for confirming.

Thanks for your prompt reply and pls let me know if you can replicate the issue or find out what is wrong from my log.

This seems to also be an issue on Windows.
Might be worth contacting the addon developer

And now we are back to the reason of my post in the first place, as feature request.
Since I believe this is an “essential” feature that I m sure everybody would like to have and the developer seems to have stopped any development since kripton, I m here to request this feature to be developed and integrated as part of OSMC and being compatible with its supported devices or at least with the Vero 4K family. What do you think?

It’s probably better to look at it after Kodi v19 which will use Python3.

It may also not be fixable. I believe it used the YouTube search API before, which may no longer be publicly usable.