Working keymap with Vero4k+ no longer working

Have had vero remote working with custom keymap for long time now (vol+ for screenshots, vol- for reboots). Just changed log level within advancedsettings.xml and now screenshots takes me to folders view instead. Resetted all to defaults and volume buttons work as expected. Recreated keymaps and same issue (I rebooted after every change).

I can’t think of any link between advancedsettings.xml the keymaps. Can you upload some logs and post here whatever your keymap is. If you used the keymap editor add-on it will be in ~/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/gen.xml.

There should not be any link with advanced settings and keymap. But issue arose after changing logging level (had successfully use screenshot just prior to doing so). Tried posting the keymap contents as formatted, but site kept cutting it. Also find I cannot even upload/attach the xml to this post.

You can put the contents of an xml file in a post. You just need to select it and hit the </> button on the formatting bar so it stays intact.

Plus, if you had given a link to a Kodi log it should show if there was an error in the advancedsettings.xml and if the keymap was actually loading.

<key id="61624">screenshot</key>
<key id="61625">reboot</key>

Nothing wrong with that keymap (other than me really wondering why you would need to keymap reboot). Can you post a kodi.log please.

I just re-read this again and it dawned on me that perhaps you had not previously set a saved location for your screen grabs and the dialog box that is popping up is it asking you to provide a location. This is normal behavior when this save location setting is not set.

I didn’t even consider that; you’re right. Moments before changing log level value in advanced settings file I had taken a screen shot of something I was watching. I do this multiple times a week to capture scenes from films. Can’t fathom why save location was forgotten.

Had you manually edited guisettings.xml or ejected a setting into it via an advancedsettings.xml that wasn’t 100% correct? That file is not forgiving at all and will replace itself with defaults if something isn’t the way it wants it to be. That or just good old fashioned file corruption is the only thing that I can think of.

Didn’t touch advancedgui; just searched it for any keymap entries. I’ve been capturing movie screenshots ever since the days of xbmc on og softmodded xboxen; this brainfart was first issue I ever had with this particular one.