Would like to stay with Confluence but it's incomplete

I’ve updated OSMC to Krypton and the skin changed to the new version. Since my wife (will be 68 next month) and i (will be 73 in May) would like to stay with Confluence - we are used to it and know how to achieve what we want to do - I changed the skin back to Confluence. Every thing seemed fine until I looked for MyOSMC on Settings Menu. It is not there anymore. Thought it could be a language problem I changed German to English but no seccess. MyOSMC still missing.

What can I do to have a complete system based on Confluence skin?

Thx for help and rgds. from Vienna, Austria,

You can go to Programs -> My OSMC instead.


absolutely perfect! Super quick response and works like a charm.

Best regards from Vienna, Austria,

You can place the icon back on the home screen under the programs menu in Interface settings>configure skin>add-on shortcuts