Would You Be Interested in a Media Center HAT?

What is a media center HAT and would you want one? Is it just a screen? What am I missing here?
It says at the back of the package, compatible with OSMC & LibreELEC.
Media Center HAT from Pi Supply

Wouldn’t it be wiser to ask pi supply what the purpose is for the device they are developing?


I thought the picture and description was fairly clear. It is a board that pops on top of your Pi that has a screen, some buttons, and a ir receiver. I have no idea why you would want to use Kodi’s 10’ interface on a 2.8" screen though.

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@ActionA in my experience I’d get a genuine answer here in the OSMC forum. Like the answer from @darwindesign

and again you cant expect the osmc community to have every answer for every addon for raspberry pi

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Give the man a break is not like anyone was forced to answer this thread. But sure with the help of google he could figure it out without asking

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@Toast True. That’s why I put this in general discussion. Forgive me for trying to start conversations here. Just thought people might give some of their opinions about the product and less on what people should post here.
@k2u3 thanks!

Will any one of the moderators please delete or lock this thread? It seems my question resulted in more negative exchanges rather than positive ones and I’m sorry about that. Not my intent.

My comment wasnt meant to be negative, imho if i dont know what a hat is used for i reach out to the company that made it afterwards i ask if need be cause mainly companies that makes hats does provide good info and support for thier hats.

so dont get discouraged and offended just because you got an honest answer :slight_smile:

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I apologise then for taking it in negatively :grin: