Wrong Architecture with Amazon VOD

Since today i’ve got following issue:

10:00:30.124 T:2618454784   DEBUG: [script.module.inputstreamhelper-0.3.1]: Platform information: ('Linux', 'osmc', '3.14.29-54-osmc', '#1 SMP Thu Jan 11 17:19:56 UTC 2018', 'armv7', '')
10:00:30.127 T:2618454784   DEBUG: [script.module.inputstreamhelper-0.3.1]: inputstream.adaptive is installed and enabled.
10:00:30.127 T:2618454784   DEBUG: [script.module.inputstreamhelper-0.3.1]: Unsupported Widevine architecture found: armv
10:00:41.330 T:2618454784  NOTICE: [Amazon VOD] No Inputstream Addon found or activated

wrong Architecture, and doesn’t disappear, no matter which script-version i use. The 7 is missing.

Netflix is still ok.

Oh man, just forgot to implement the patch, how ridiculous :sleeping::sleeping:

Well, that’s what this forum is for… :wink: It was just a click away. So, it’s fixed for you?

If yes, please mark this as solved.

there’s a much simplier solution tha the patch, just add an asterisk to:

       elif 'armv*' in arch:
            arch = 'armv*' + arch.split('v')[1][:-1]

et voila. :wink:

Talking about the patch from this thread: Widevine problems ?
Just report that back to them over there… Might be useful to others. :+1:t2:

Release 0.3.2 of Inputstreamhelper.

Thank you for sharing this for others that might be affected as well! :slightly_smiling_face:

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A pleasure, u’re welcome! :wink:

I’ve replied on the GitHub issue to clarify some things.


Perfect! :+1:t3: