Wrong Exchange rate

I just purchased a VERO 4K+ the price with exchange rate should be $138.15 and paypal has charged me
$144.49 USD = £107.10 GBP ? what should I do cancel it ?

The exchange rate is determined by your bank or PayPal, depending on how you chose to pay.

Unfortunately we can only accept payments in GBP (£) and not USD. If you would like us to cancel the order, then please raise a ticket with the order number.

No I don’t want to cancel. I had sent Paypal a question on this

This might help:


If I remember correctly, a British account number is shown. So, you probably could use transferwise to do the transaction fast and at low cost and safe.

Will you send me a shipping number ?

Hi Rick – yes, of course. You’ll receive a tracking number which works on the USPS and Royal Mail websites once your item has been dispatched.