X265 playback issues after update

Just installed update 2017.10-1 (kodi 17.5) all files seem to play ok except x265 encoded files.
They only show the first frame, sound seems to play correct though. Same files had no issues before update.

Anyone else noticed this problem?


I’m not aware of this issue yet. Can you post a debug log so we can take a look?
ffmpeg was updated and this might be causing problems.


i’m on 17.5 too, tried some x265 file and they work without problems.

We need to see a debug log then :slight_smile:


I can also confirm no issues with x265 files.


Thanks for the quick replies.

Here is a link to the log: https://paste.osmc.tv/uqekezaqet

Did this file play before the update?


Yep without any problems

Thanks – I’ve sent you a PM so I can hopefully get access to the file