X265 suddenly stopped working

I have 2 vero 4k+ next to each other. They both used to play x265 without any problems, now suddenly one of them only plays audio for all x265 files. The files have all previously worked, and they still work fine on my other vero.
I’ve tried them over the my normal nas, and also from local usb. Same result every time, one box is fine, one is audio only.
They are both updated to Dec 21 and the non working one has had a reset on boot.
Any help getting things working again would be appreciated, thanks.
Log file: http://paste.osmc.tv/fuzozusezi

Can you upload logs from both devices?
Have you tried reinstalling OSMC on the affected device?


Hi Sam,
I’ve just reinstalled OSMC on the affected device using your windows installer. It reinstalled ok, but has made no difference. Still just audio only.
Here is the updated log from the affected device
and from the working device after successfully playing the same files from the same usb stick.