X86 Status?

Hi I searched through the forums by couldn’t find anything definitive regarding OSMC being available for x86 hardware. Is that any closer to happening? I have a Chromebox running the latest version of LibreElec. It’s worked ok, but I really like OSMC better. I plan on getting a Vero as the main device , but I would like to keep using this Chromebox as well.


Sorry to give bad news,

Unfortunately x86 devices are really lagging behind, so for now I have decided that it doesn’t make much sense to support this.

LibreELEC have been kind enough to share their user numbers in the past and the x86 user base is quite small compared to ARM devices such as the Raspberry Pi


Darn. Well, that’s ok. Yeah I have a Pi as well. Guess I’ll just have to replace it with another Vero eventually I suppose.