XBMCswift2, scripts & Kodi 19

Hello all, I’m still unable to get zap2epg to work and apparently the problem lies with xbmcswift2. Buried somewhere in https://paste.osmc.tv/kizebezapu apparently shows this.

Does anyone know if xbmcswift2 will be ported to Python3? I’m sick of not being able to get my epg working.

Probably best to ask the maintainer of this add-on.


It is as it is a Matrix version

@fzinken that’s the version I have installed, but the author of the script that uses xbmcswift2 says there is something about the OSMC version of xbmcswift2 is causing errors that don’t affect LibreELEC.

@sam_nazarko I’ll try and get in touch with the maintainer of xbmcswift2 and see if they can help edit: None of the email addresses I could find work. I’ve left a note on github, but others have asked similar questions with no response.

In the meantime, I hope to find some other way to get my EPG working with TVH.