XBOX ONE Digital TV Tuner firmware support for OSMC?

I recently got the Xbox One DVB-T/T2/C tuner but can’t get it to show up in adapters in TvHeadend/OSMC :frowning:

Would suggest to check dmesg if module is loaded and firmware loaded. Might be the module is not in the kernel as OSMC is on 4.14 only.

I picked up one of these tuners a month or so ago (£4, bargain). I tried to get it working with OSMC but, unfortunately, couldn’t.

It is supported from kernel version 4.16 but as fzinken said OSMC is still on 4.14. I tried to build the drivers from the media_build tree but encountered various build errors and even once I got it to build I then had system crashes as soon as i tried to use any DVB device.

I’ve given up getting this working on OSMC for now and have put the tuner to use elsewhere. On a more positive note, I have gotten this tuner working on Raspbian and Debian (x86) with newer kernel versions, so hopefully the next kernel bump in OSMC will get it working.