'Xorg -configure' failed

Hi to all ,

I try to generate a Xorg config file running ‘Xorg -configure’ but, I get this error:

On OSMC don’t run ‘Xorg -configure’ ?

Thanks, see you.

OSMC for Raspberry Pi does not use an X server

Hi Sam ,

I understand that you are referring to an OSMC clean default installation but, for my question, I understood that given the present scenario was after installed X.org via APT-GET(8) utility in system.
Then, after X.org installation, I think we can say that OSMC has X.org because -for example- KDE work fine on OSMC system.

My question is in my present scenario.

Sorry for not explain me better before.


I understand now.

You may want to copy /etc/X11/xorg.conf off a Raspbian installation. I’m not sure how it should look for Raspberry Pi.