Xorg scaling in CB2?

I’ve been messing around with CB2, installed xdm and icewm and stopped xbmc from loading on boot, so all that’s fine and dandy, working as expected. Fiddled with the resolution options and xrandr only seems to partially work. I can get different resolutions no problem, but using either --set “scaling mode” “Full aspect” or --scale 1.5x1 doesn’t work. The former gives me a badname error when the output is default despite the resolution changing just fine, the latter complains about non-integer numbers being used.

Using the most up to date version of CB2/12.04, save for the nVidia drivers which I’ve kept at 295.40. Am I going crazy and missed something else I should try? Does the 7300 Go not support scaling in X? Thanks for anyone who might know.

Try editing xorg.conf

Search for flatpanelproperties

Thanks for the link, I kept trying to find that on Google and missed it for some reason. EDIT: well, aspect-scaled doesn’t seem to work, but I’m going to try other modes to see. I wonder if there’s another option in xorg I’m missing for nVidia, or if it flatout doesn’t work on TV output.

EDIT2: I think my receiver just can’t handle scaling for some reason. Or my setup is broke. Everything works fine when not trying to scale, and xrandr changes the resolution but doesn’t cause scaling. However, attempting to load Wesnoth as fullscreen in a different resolution with any scaling on, and my receiver craps out and refuse to display a picture. Quitting wesnoth and I get a normal screen back.