Xrdp does not run on a rapberry 3

Running OSMC Version 2019.07-1 and Kodi version 18.3 on a Raspberry 3 I need to remote desktop from a pc. On Raspberry after sudo apt-get purge realvnc-vnc-server (I was told by some Google-ing), I did sudo apt-get install xrdp. The installation process says Listening socket is in wrong state, terminating listener. No Remote Desktop connection from PC is possible. Any help possible ?


But I want to use xrdp. Isn’t that possible ?

Well I assume you want to access the Kodi screen remotely, or?
xrdp as the name says is for an X environment.

And even if you want to remote controll your Xwindows system, you can still use dispmanx vnc-server you just have to edit the service file to not need mediacenter, but start after network.

Thanks to fzinken for this clear statement.

Is there something in particular that you were wanting to do with this? Something more than a web interface or phone app can provide?