XSqueeze (my title needs 15 characters)

So has anyone successfully gotten XSqueeze to work? Mine keeps saying “cannot connect to player.”


For anyone that Is interested:

To see if Alsa is running:
lsmod | grep -q snd_bcm2835 && echo “snd_bcm2835 module is loaded.” || echo “snd_bcm2835 module is NOT loaded.”

To start it if it is not (it is not by default):
sudo modprobe snd_bcm2835

Now I just need to figure out how to make it survive a reboot, because rebooting killed it.

And finally, if anyone else searches this and needs this answer, it goes in the /etc/modules file.

sudo nano /etc/modeules

then add "snd_bcm2835 " to it and hit ctrl-x and save the file. Reboot and you should be good.

Hey gijosh28,

I only registered in this forum to say “thank you very much” for your hints. This was exactly the information I was searching for. It worked well. Awesome!

Btw I am sure this is my first but not last post in this forum. I´m new with raspberry at all, and OSMC works fine for me. So thanks to the hardworking developers, too.


You should add it to /etc/modprobe.d rather than touching /etc/modules directly.

Hi Sam,

thank you for that advice. Could you tell me (as a compete novice to all that linux - RPi - stuff), why? Can only learn…