XVID green screens after October 2022 update

I am experiencing the same issue, 3 logs attached from different medias. For me an older MPEG-2 encoded file does not end up buffering forever, but the image is just green.
Device is Vero 4k+, all the files below has worked fine in the past (I know that the second one suffered from Skipping->Green Screen effect that was the main reason I updated immediately)

https://paste.osmc.tv/dofeyixado - UHD, HDR, HEVC, Buffers forever
https://paste.osmc.tv/qidadudiwi - MPEG-2 (Xvid), Plays with green screen, audio works
+Youtube also ends up buffering forever (CBA adding log since I assume the root cause will be the same)

All files are played from local network, share is mounted through SMB using AutoFS.

Until this is resolved, is there some way of downgrading the update or do I have to reinstall the entire device? Right now it is unusable.

The update resolves my HEVC issues, but not the MPEG-2 issue (soudn plays, but screen just displays a green one. logs at https://paste.osmc.tv/qidadudiwi )

Would love to get a quick resolution to that as well as I have a lot of old DVDs using that format <3

I think we’re going to need a sample of your video. No-one has been able to reproduce that.

I’d strongly suggest a new forum post about this – seeing as the topic of this thread is regarding HEVC playback.


I’ve moved your post as it doesn’t relate to HEVC. In fact the clip you are playing is mpeg4, not mpeg-2. Can you upload a sample somewhere so we can check it out?

A sample would be great. XVID shouldn’t be hardware accelerated.

The clip playing in that log seems to be mpeg4. Try setting hardware acceleration for mpeg4 and mpeg2 to HD and up.


You all are correct on the MPEG4, I have no idea why my brain saw MPEG2.

If I disable the HW acceleration it works fine, but is there a reason why it wouldn’t work with acceleration?

Have 2 files as samples (one that shows green screen, one that simply does not output any image), can I DM the link to them somehow?

You could DM me. Just click my name. I can’t promise anything though.

Are you sure those videos were working with HW before? The clip you tried is very low-res so I doubt there’s any downside to SW decoding.

The clips were working prior to the October update yes (noticed it simply because it happened to be the series I was currently watching)

I’ll PM you a link, and see what happens from it.

I just dislike having to do workarounds like setting the SW Decoding, since I’m sure I won’t remember it if I reinstall/get but by it for other files in the future (i.e. having some files that are HD res that all of a sudden start stuttering).

“HD and Up” is the default setting for mpeg-4 hardware acceleration on a new installation.

I wouldn’t call this a workaround. As @angry.sardine says, the default is HD and up and vero4k has no problem playing those ancient titles in software.

I can reproduce the black/green screen with the clips you sent.

Ah, didn’t realize this, that makes it a lot less painful at least :slight_smile: