Yahoo Weather Broken (fix)

Like many of you, I saw Yahoo Weather get marked as broken and cease functioning recently. Since many of us will be using 18.9 for a while and the new weather addon will not be backported to Leia, a kind user on the Kodi forums posted a quick fix.

You just need to replace the ‘’ file in ~/.kodi/osmc/addons/ with this one, disable auto-update, and re-enable the addon. It’ll be working again after a reload (switching the default weather addon back and forth should suffice).

Source: Yahoo! Weather

UPDATE: Was much easier than I expected to turn this into an installable zip file. I upped the version to, removed the “broken” tag, and put the author as “skirge dba zambu” to give full credit to the original author. Use whichever method you prefer.

Installable zip file: Dropbox - - Simplify your life


You just saved me a good amount of time searching for a solution. Thanks for your post! I changed DNS a couple of days ago and already suspected that for being the culprit of the addon not working properly anymore.

For anyone else something important from the Kodi thread: Disable the Yahoo weather addon’s Auto-update option, then set it from broken to enable. Might require a restart, dunno, you can select it again when choosing which weather addon should be active.


Glad I could help! Thanks for pointing out the auto-update piece. I’ll edit the original post. I forgot about it because I also edited my addon.xml file and increased the version to

FYI… I’m seeing if I can package this up into a new installable zip file to make it even easier.

UPDATE: Was much easier than I expected. Original post updated with link.

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Great stuff! Just got the addon running again on my systems yesterday…

Maybe you could even fork the git repo and open a PR for this addon to be usable from the official repo for the foreseeable future? The maintainer posted on the Kodi forum that he wouldn’t update the addon himself anymore :slightly_smiling_face:

Since I didn’t actually make the programming changes to the file, I don’t feel comfortable submitting it. I’m not sure what the proper etiquette would be in this situation. I don’t even want to post the zip file on the Kodi forums for that very reason, to be honest. If anyone knows what the correct procedure would be and wants to take the reigns, please go right ahead.

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The original maintainer, ronie, made a reasonable point about that:

there will not be any updates (at least not from me) for yahoo weather.
i have no plans to keep this addon, or any of my other python 2 / Kodi 18 addons alive.
python 2 is dead, therefor Kodi 18 is dead and it should no longer be used.

please use the Multi Weather addon with Kodi 19 instead.

I also think it’s best to use it as a temporary solution for 18.x but leave it at that.

I just read up on the original maintainer’s new weather addon for Kodi 19 and Python 3: Multi Weather. It has Yahoo! Weather, and openweathermap built in. I now understand why he won’t support the old addon anymore even better.


Thank you! I don’t plan on upgrading until 19.1 or 19.2 because right now it appears just too much with Kodi 19 is broken or a PITA to make work.

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Yahooo! i got the addon to work again!
Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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