Yatse album playback changed with RC2?

I am running on RPi2, using Yatse remote. I recently upgraded to OSMC RC2. Maybe I’m going crazy, but I am pretty sure that on RC1 I could select a song to play, and the rest of the songs on the album would automatically queue / play afterwards. Now, when I select a song, it plays and then playback ends.

Normally I would assume this is a Yatse question, but as I say I think the behavior changed with OSMC RC2.

I have the OSMC / Kodi option to “automatically play next song” selected (and it works fine if I select a song via the OSMC menus, just not if I do so directly through Yatse). And I already searched Yatse forums to see if there were any changes there (nothing I could find).

Can anyone who is using this setup shed some light? Am I just remembering wrong, and the playback never worked the way I remember, or did RC2 change something somehow?