Yatse crashing OSMC?

Anybody else experiencing this?

My otherwise really stable OSMC, seems to have a tendency to “sad face” when I use Yatse to remote control Kodi.

Cant remember if I have debugging enabled, so maybe these logs arent usefull:


It has been doing this in the August update also, its not a September update only problem

I’ve been using Yatse for a couple of years now, never experienced anything bad as you say.

From the log I can see something’s not right:

WARNING: Skin Helper Simplecache --> Database ERROR ! -- disk I/O error
WARNING: Skin Helper Simplecache --> Database ERROR ! -- attempt to write a readonly database
WARNING: Skin Helper Simplecache --> Exception while initializing database: disk I/O error

This might be the reason you’re seeing the sad face.

Using yatse on all my machines and never had a sad face caused by it

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Thanks for the answers.

I really don’t hope its the disk / SD-card, as its an original OSMC card.

I am running a small OC, I’ll try turning that off, to see if that removes the crashes.

I have only seen Kodi crash while I used Yatse, I can still SSH into OSMC, and Kodi allways reloads by itself, so the OS beneath Kodi seems OK.