Yatse in the car and bluetooth connectivity to samsung galaxy s6

hi osmc newbie here i am trying to set up an in car media center. I have a rpi 2 and have a couple of problems i have run in to. the first one being Bluetooth connectivity from my mobile phone. when i go into osmc setting and the network and then Bluetooth i enable and it finds my phone etc when i go to connect and pair after putting the 4 digit pin in it says failed to connect to s6 ive tried many times and fails every time is there something that can cause this…
the second problem is i would really like to use yatse in my car so my phone will be the remote to control the osmc but i can not find a way of doing this as i wont be connected to a router i have tried setting up my s6 as a hotspot so the pi would think its connected that way so in turn yatse would hopefully find it but i cant get the pi 2 to connect to my phone using this method either any help would be muchly appreciated or links to anything i can try thanks in advance



Unless you want to use your phone to tether internet connectivity to the rpi2 I would do it the other way around. Run the rpi2 in access point mode and connect with the phone to that access point.

The problem there is that phone loses its data connection…

You are right than doing hotspot on the phone and connecting the rpi too it should be best. And for @crasher59 there shouldn’t be any problem with that as the phone would be an access point as any other wifi router you connect to with the rpi.

it seems that all the things i try fails the only connection i can get on properly is either wired ethernet or wireless ethernet no bluetooth atall always fails on all our devices

Without logs we can’t even begin to determine what the issue might be.


heres my log i reinstalled everything today just tried connecting my phones again to no avail

The phone is trying to connect by the a2dp bluetooth protocol which is not yet supported by OSMC.

ah ok sorry this is all new to me hopefully will be supported in the near future

Adding A2DP will allow for audio streaming, but not Yatse to be controlled via Bluetooth


thats all i wanted to do in the first place as i have google play music and deezer account i would like to stream from the phone using bluetooth or even better having an addon for either deezer or google play

I use this addon for Google Play Music. It gets the job done, and supports playlists:

Have you ever thought about just installing Kodi on your Samsung?

I too am a big Yatse fan, but seems with what your trying to do might
just be simpler in your car to leave the two middle men out, Yatse and Raspberry, out of the equation.
Play locally and use your bluetooth from the the Samsung to your car radio. Just a thought.

yes i have but the problem i have is that my car stereo does not have bluetooth this is what spured me on to using raspberry pi

Mopidy will do what you want.

thanks think i will give this a try tonight

This popped up the other day…

Might be of use to you.

pictures of your car media center set-up?

i only have pi2 and a car amp so far and some other bits im still in getting everything sorted before ie touchscreen working then i will be creating a 2 din shell for it all to sit in still a long way off

Ah I see … Well Good luck on your set-up