YATSE remote + OSMC Alpha 4 - Cannot add host to Yatse

I’m having a bit of an issue connecting Yatse to the new Alpha of OSMC.

It worked with the previous version I tested but fails with Alpha 4.

The Host is detected as “Kodi (osmc)” by Yatse with the correct IP address and web server port of 8080, however the “Testing JSON-RPC” stage fails.

Chorus on http://ipaddress:8080 works, and I can browse the library and see what’s playing etc.

Most of the settings are left in their default state on OSMC, is there something additional that has to be set up in OSMC to allow Yatse to work?

Have you enabled “Allow programs on other systems…” in the Remote control settings?
Interesting enough we just had this discussion in another thread, and AFAIK it must be enabled…

It’s also worth disabling and re-enabling both local & remote options then rebooting. Sometimes they appear enabled but in fact aren’t.

After numerous attempts at selecting, deselecting & restarting in just about every combination I could think of, Yatse has now added the host.

I have no idea which one was the one that worked as I lost track.

Thanks for the assistance.

I have the same problem tonight after the last update, and HDMI-CEC doesn’t work either. I’ll grab a USB keyboard and try the fix suggested above.

Odd that CEC isn’t working either, does that rely on JSON (no idea)?

**** UPDATE **** I couldn’t find the Pi on my network list using the ‘Fing’ app so restarted my router and that fixed it - potentially not an OSMC issue! However, CEC is still dead for me.

See: OSMC Alpha 4 is here! - #29 by miappa