YCbCr output on Pi 3

Is it possible to enable limited-range YCbCr output on a Pi 3?

My display unfortunately doesn’t understand limited-range RGB (it assumes RGB must be full range), and I’m curious if using YCbCr might look better than full RBG.

In “My OSMC” there’s a raspberry icon; in there under “Display” there’s an option hdmi_pixel_encoding which has a possible value of “YCbCr limited”, but selecting that only affects what’s happening while the device is booting - as soon as Kodi takes over, it reverts to RGB. And there’s no option in the Kodi System/Display settings to choose YCbCr or YUV.

Quite – it might make sense to rip this option out


I take it that means there isn’t any way to get YCbCr out of a Pi3?

I don’t believe it’s been implemented under the new video stack yet. You could use an older (v18) version where it should work.