Yellow led for sd access does not work

What the title say.In any of my rasp 3

Ia this only with OSMC or do you see the same behaviour with other Raspberry Pi OSes like Raspian?

I am only using osmc in all my ras

I noticed this as well about a week or so ago. I did notice over the weekend that the light works when the OSMC update was installing, (outside of OSMC), but no light when OSMC itself is running. Not a huge deal as everything seems to be running ok, just a strange quirk.

Wrong topic?

Yep. Too many windows open in browser…
I have had a look into this issue and it seems the kernel needs updating so hopefully it will be fixed in an update.

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Once again thanks man :smile:

I have the same issue. I can confirm that this is OSMC related (just tried latest raspbian and LED works fine).

@popcornmix made some suggestions as to potential changes that may have caused this.

I took a look at the commits and they don’t apply cleanly yet, so I’ll see if I can get these in for the next update, but it’s a minor issue at the moment.

Today I did a fresh installation on a RP3 with latest OSMC (2017.03-1). When I power on the Raspberry, I can see SD activity as expected. But when I do a reboot (not powering off) the LED stops working. Not a single blink while booting.

If I shutdown OSMC and pull the power plug and then starting again, LED works. That is pretty weird to me :scream: Could someone please test and confirm this behavior?

I think it’s still broken until we move to 4.9
As long as everything else is working, I’m not too fussed. I hope to move to 4.9 for the April update.


Moved to 4.9 now. Things should work as expected now.

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