Yelo addon not working anymore - Widevine problem?


On my Vero 4K the Kodi Yelo addon stopped working. I did a complete reinstall but cannot get it to work again.

In the log files it does seem to be related to inputstream.adaptive (Widevine). Does anyone have an idea on how to fix please?

2022-11-11 16:36:21.866 T:5039 ERROR : AddOnLog: inputstream.adaptive: License update not successful (no keys)
2022-11-11 16:36:22.046 T:5039 ERROR : AddOnLog: inputstream.adaptive: Initialize failed (SingleSampleDecrypter)
2022-11-11 16:36:22.050 T:5039 ERROR : CVideoPlayer::OpenInputStream - error opening [plugin://]

There might be some Widevine regressions (this is a common occurrence); or you may be missing Widevine dependencies altogether.

I’d suggest trying another add-on that depends on Widevine as well as checking that everything is installed fully.