Yet another newby - help needed though

Hi, i have installed OSMC on my Rpi2 andhaving issues setting up a couple of things,

1st, cant seen to get my NAS (nas4free) or my Rpi2 setup correctly for NFS. this is the first time ive set NFS up so very green in knowing how to do this. but for now using SMB to access my music and videos.

2nd, how can i install ITV player, 4oD please? ive managed to find iplayer in the repository.

3rd, im using this via HDMI on a sony TV with CEC. The remote seems to be working, more like a ps3 controller. my question is, The TV can be used to set programs to record, and my understanding is it can use HDMI to a recorder? can this be the Rpi2?

4th, is wired better than wireless, seems a lot slower and i get more drop outs and them i have to go into the network setup and reconnect?

thanks all.

I don’t think there is a working All4 (4od) plugin since they changed the video encryption. Unless someone knows differently…

Last time I checked the ITV player from here still worked: [RELEASE] ITV Player 1.10

Wired should normally be better than wireless.

thanks, ill have a lok at the itv link.
anyone know about the question on recording.


On 4th question, you may check your ethernet wire and try with a new one, because usually wired is faster than wireless
On 1st question, you have to add a source at the file manager of smb type if it is samba or ftp if ftp type, then the ip direction, etc
And to record on the pi, i think you have to buy a special recording card and connect it to the pi by usb, then set a tvheadend pvr server, etc, it is complicated
And the pi’s current will not be enough, so you also have to buy a usb hub with alternative power supply