Yet Another - Slow Wired Network

Similar to the other recent posts, but may as well throw this into the mix.

Previously - Kodibox, SMB from a Win10 box, fully wired. No buffering, instant start, instant skip, etc.

Swapped Kodibox out, Vero4k in. Initially setup as SMB through Kodi. Horribly slow to do anything, scanning library took for ever. Removed SMB, swapped to FSTAB. Still horribly slow.

Browsing the library is slow, images take a moment to show up, leaving blank spaces. Start a film, 1080P MKV, and I might get 2 minutes before it drops to “buffering” and never resumes. Might not get anything but “buffering”.

I have; reset router, assigned fixed IP, ran IPERF. I have tried all 3 versions of SMB under FSTAB.

IPERF shows speed from server is fine. Speed from Vero to the server is awful. Speed from previous Kodibox is fine both ways.

WIFI is fine. But I don’t get a WIFI signal near my TV, so that’s no good to me. IPERF over WIFI is fine in both directions.


Given it works over WIFI and the hardwire works on the previous Kodibox to the same server, with the same wires, I’m led to conclude this is likely either a Vero ethernet hardware or OS issue.

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