Your osmc setup (what config.,USB adapters, etc)

Surprised to not have seen any thread about this. So let’s discuss, compare each others setup. Have ideas about what devices to attach to your osmc. Etc… the more info the better.

Draft of my setup.

TV Samsung. 32 inch LED TV

Main device RBPI 2
Osmc installed on SANDISK
RBPI Powered via GPIO 5V with50 LED attached
Powered USB HUB with connected
Samsung 1TB hard drive
Samsung DVD player
Astrometa DVB-T and T2 USB dongle

Heres my setup… on a very messy table with lots of Raspberry Pi’s


Lillyput 7" HD monitor with HDMI connection
Raspberry Pi 2
Official 2 amp power supply for powering the RPi 2
IQaudIO Pi DAC Plus
Sandisk class 10 SD card
OSMC installed on Western Digital USB hard disk
Powered USB hub
Samsung SE506 CB USB Blu Ray/DVD/CD reader/writer with firmware
version upgraded to TS02
Cheap infra red remote from Amazon (to be replace with OSMC remote very soon)
Cheap wireless keyboard from Amazon
Beyerdynamic DT880 headphones.

Looking at buying a decent amp and speakers soon :slight_smile:

Types of media I play on this include…

youtube add on
Soundcloud add on
Music CD’s
Films on DVD (when it works which is almost never!)
iTunes music files, iTunes music videos, MP3’s
16 bit - 44.1Khz WAV files

Lossless FLAC files bought from download sites, sizes ranging from 24 bit 96KHz to 24 bit 192KHz.

Hope that you find this interesting.

I am tempted to do a ‘Theatre Thursday’ post where we showcase a user’s system each week. Show us what you have got chaps. We could even throw in some goodies for the best ones to make their OSMC experience even better!


I have:

37" TV
ceiling mounted emachines projector
pull down screen for projector (screen pulls down in front of the TV)
Yamaha RX-A830 AVR - this has dual HDMI out so can output to TV and projector - 5.1 audio output for the main room and stereo output to a second room
Steam Link box to stream from gaming PC upstairs
Virgin Tivo box & 200Mb internet
Vero1 with OSMC
Logitech Harmony remote
Media content stored upstairs on a 4 disk JBOD IcyBox (9.5TB) attached to an Acer Revo M1601 Nettop running Amahi server - networked over powerline adaptors

Ive upgraded my setup since…

Im now using a RPi 3. Im really pleased with the hugely improved performance now :smile:
Also a Lillyput 10.1" HD monitor with HDMI connection.
Official OSMC remote with added menus for volume UP and Down controls.
I haven’t got a decent amp and speakers as of yet, need to save a few more pennies.

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I am going to add volume up/down to the remote soon out of the box. We will use the up and down arrow keys for this.