YouTube Add-on Installation

As I recall there is a wiki instruction available for installing YouTube as an Add-on for a Vero 4K.

Please could somebody help me with this as I am having no success with YouTube which used to work fine. I have tried using the app again from the Kodi repo on the Vero but I get an error (error 99?) cannot assign requested address.

Could it be blocked by firewall or VPN or similar?

Do I need to install an API setup?

The current version is not working you need the 7.02 alpha version.

Despite which ever version you use you would need an API key if you use the search function.

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Hi and many thanks. Trouble is I had forgotten all the business of getting an API. I have now found a reasonable YT vid which shows the whole process.
BTW what processor do I select for a Vero 4K?

Where in the API Key generation do you need to select the processor?
But just FYI it is ARM

Returning to this and I now have the 7.02 alpha version and working OK. I do have a supplementary question:-

When I search the display defaults to the list form. How do I change the default so that searches are shown with low, wide info on screen?

On OSMC screen click twice the left arrow key and there you can choose it.

Hi fzinken,
Many thanks. I have asked this question before and received the same answer, for which many thanks.

What I was seeking, however, was a change in the default behaviour so that when I do a new search the results are shown in the required view. What happens now is that once I change the view on a screen it remains with the required setting but if I do a new search I have to start over with the view setting. Can I change the default behaviour for any new search?

If you use OSMC skin:
Settings - Interface - Skin - Configure Skin - Advanced - Set default view for video add-ons

Many thanks, now I have it as required. I would never have found it without your help.

Humour me please. How do I get the YT release 7.02 version into my Vero 4k+.
I somehow managed it before but have forgotten.

As it was just released as stable you should be able to directly install it via the Add-on Browser

Many thanks,
Not yet available when I looked earlier.

Still only 7.01 and YouTube not working. I assume it is the version which is the problem as I have 7.02 on another Vero 4K and it works well.
What I do not remember is how I managed to install 7.02.

Find it on github, download as a zip then install from zip after allowing unknown sources.

I shall try this now. My first Vero 4K is working correctly and has YT 7.02 shown. I switched devices and the Vero 4K on which I have been working still has YT 7.01 and updates tell me it is up to date. Strange!!! Different repo?

I believe the add-on updater will only refresh automatically once per day. If another OSMC box got the update then it should show up in the other either within a day or else if you go to the add-on browsers side menu and tell it to check for updates.

Done all that but still only have 7.0.1 installed. I must have downloaded the 7.0.2 version from the above github link or similar on the other Vero. Whatever I did, I cannot reproduce it here and when I tried to download the file from github it failed with “no connection”. Probably done it wrong so, how do I download the zip file from github please?

Look up a few posts and click on the link fzinken posted to github where it has a very obvious download link to the zip file.

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What had me stuck was getting this file into my Vero. In the end I downloaded it to my workstation home directory and scp copied it to the Vero, from which I could install as a zip file.

This updated my YT to v7.0.2 as hoped and YT is now playing correctly. I am still having a bit of trouble with the View options but will sort it out in due course.

I have no idea why all this should have been such a pain when the Google hurdles are also added but the end result is worth it; I can watch a one hour long Royal Institution lecture or an opera video without adds and interruptions. Brilliant, so thanks for the help and sorry I made such a meal of it.