Youtube Addon - I Obtain API_KEYS.JSON restore ask ever. Report here if you have somethigs similar... thanks in advance :)

How many people on this forum use usually the last recent version of youtube addons (at today 5.5.1 or 6.0.0 beta1) ?

I’m one of this… but in the last two weeks using this addons it’s begin a total hell experience!

I try to explain:
I don’t remember but on the last version some news feature as been add… one of this it’s releated to API KEYS and there’s somethigs to monitoring if they it’s lost and the addons proposal to user a request to restore it from a file called API_KEYS.JSON!

Fine…so far it’s everythings ok… but not for me!
For me it’s a total hell… during normal usage of this addons whitout any apparent reason and without any explanation this request to about this api_key.json it’s show out and ask me to EVER i want to restore this file.
If i ask NO my api keys has been deleted from preferences of addons and i LOST all my preferrer settings! If i have YES i lost also somethings and i need to RE-LOGIN to my youtube account and need to reconfigure some settings.
In BOTH case there’s somethigs reset some preferences…

I need some other feedback… if someone can obtain a similar issue i invite you to partecipate to this thread to try to found a solution…

I think you’d be best placed raising these issues here;

OSMC has no bearing on these, these are provided from upstream.

I need so other feedback about so other people using this addons.
And this is the exact site how i can found so other users like me… not on general kodi forum.

I use version 5.5.0 with my personal API keys and don’t have any issue.

This forum is not where you will find support for problems specific to this addon! @jb2cool is correct that you will find better support from the developer of the addon. OSMC cannot solve these problems when the problem is with the addon itself.

i need so other feedback and know if some other people have some similar problems.
I don’t have post log or similar… it’s a forum and it’s not possible to share experiences whit other people ?

Like @fzinken reply… it’s say he use 5.5.0 whit our personal API keys and no problems.

I have a question for him:
@fzinken you use the unofficial version or the official ? The unofficial version it’s have the feature to override the visualID for video list…

I know probably you can’t want to obtain the way of trouble… if i ask to you to test if whit 6.0.0 beta 1 obtain this same issue ?
I have tryed to backward to 5.5.x version and for me nothigs resolve this issue…

I’m don’t have really idea what’s can cause this issue…

I use the default 5.5.0 Version and I don’t see a reason to use anything different

You really need to take this discussion to the add-ons developer or site.

No… i also need some other feedback like @fzinken.

He report whit 5.5.0 have no problems…

If possibly someone have a similar issue i can try to understand togheter how create this issue… we can share our osmc setup or similar and see what’s the differences.

In fact, i’m not really need to obtain positive feedback like @fzinken but only, if present, someone have same issue.

If not the thread remain unaswered…

I have changed the title… problably it’s most specific now.
I need only to know if someone have a similar issue… if no it’s problably exist some issue on my setup and i need some future, and anymore frustrating, investigation over my setup of osmc :slight_smile:

I’m also idea to pick another new SD to setup a newest and cleaner setup of osmc and install only this addons and see what’s append…

Perhaps relevant Kodi Community Forum


This demonstrates that the problem has to be discussed on Kodi forums.

He is discussing it there… FaustoGSR is DjDiabolik. But yes, that forum is where some resolution will come from, the developers. Not this forum.

@El_Grincho & @TheHacker66
And also on… it’s the only member report this issue.

Meantime i have a look to latest 5.5.1… this version this not have this feature concern the api_keys.json.

I have right now delete both folder of youtube addons… on userdata and on addon folder.

I have reinstalled again the 5.5.1 and see what’s append.

I’m using 5.5.1(official) with API-keys, no login, and no problems on my Pi2.
I would try a clean install on a spare SD-card if I were you - as you self suggested.

yeah… the 5.5.1 not have the feature about this restore the api_key.json files.

I have already tested on my setup but previously i have installed the 5.5.1 over the installation of 6.0.0 beta 1 causing the issue.
Problably some garbage configuration or files…

Look at github:

The storing/restoring feature it’s be introduced on alpha4… approximately it’s here start here.

Outside of the scope of this forum to test/report issues with alpha/beta builds of random addons. Good luck…

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