Youtube and TVDB addon Update issue

Hi @sam_nazarko

This may be coincidental, however I updated to the October release on the Vero4k a couple of days ago, and now cannot install any add-on updates.

An update for YouTube (6.2.2) and for The TVDB (3.0.13). Both return a standard ‘update failed’.

Both are sourced from the standard Kodi Add-on Repository

Maybe related also; for a long time now the ‘update all’ option crashes the system with the ‘sad face’ screen, although I could previously individually install all updates.

I have full debugging enabled (or at least I did before the update)

We are blind without logs that demonstrate the problem.

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We haven’t had any reports of this so far. Are you still on the stable (Kodi v17) version? If so; your add-ons database (Addons.db) may be corrupted. If you are on the v18 version, then this may be an issue with the build you are using (still a bit experimental)


Thanks for the swift replies @ActionA, @sam_nazarko

I’m still on the stable release (kodi 17)

I was able to update my openvpn add-on (not currently active) from a different repo (zomboided).

I rebooted, then tried to update youtube and tvdb, then uploaded logs to:


Thanks in advance

It may be a bug with the Kodi repository: there is no on the mirrors; but we are up to date.


It’s odd. There’s a description of the bugs fixed for 6.2.2 and 6.2.1, when looking at the available youtube 6.2.2 update.
The file size is shown, however the repository is listed as ‘unknown’. Same for the TVDB update.
Shall I just ignore this for now?

I wonder if these versions are coming from a different repository you have added and this is causing issues?

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I’m not aware of any other repository than the specific one for the openvpn add-on (zomboided). Is there anywhere I can check if a ppa has been added (I should know this, but systemd is a nightmare)

Could the use of the test build for the h265 8bit colourspace issue have any bearing?

Well seems so, seems the version wasn’t updated in the addon.xml

But not sure if that actually need to be changed as it also not changed to 6.2.1

Actually seems 6.2.2 is submitted but waiting review

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moved the posts to a new thread as I doubt it be related to OSMC October release

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Hi @fzinken, thanks for investigating.
Do you think the same issue is applicable to the TVDB add-on?

Well not sure about TVDB. But for Youtube are you sure your are not using Leia? Because in Leia I also have problem but it works on Krypton

Pretty sure it’s krypton.

It’s a standard installation. The device was purchased this April, and updated with a test build from @sam_nazarko to fix an h265 8bit colourspace issue.

It was then updated via ‘My OSMC’ this week to the October release. Nothing else has been added, other than veracrypt and openvpn, some months ago.

Ok, seems I had the ZIP file from before maybe they took it off from the mirrors

01:51:24.268 T:1349509888   DEBUG: CurlFile::Open(0x71910360)
01:51:25.390 T:1349509888   DEBUG: CCurlFile::Open - effective URL: <>
01:51:26.543 T:1349509888   DEBUG: Unpacking zip:// to /home/osmc/.kodi/addons/temp/e10cdf1f-2021-4548-8f1d-e69d4730bbd2

Maybe @sam_nazarko has to check as it seems to be still on Kodi mirrors

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We are rsyncing from the Kodi mirrors and the files aren’t there.

I will get this looked at

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This should be fixed now.



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Thanks Sam

Confirmed that both add-ons updated without error; thanks for resolving this.