Youtube api credentials....copy paste?

(TLDR) how do I enter the api details into the youtube app or can they be written to a .config outside the gui?

Hi there,

I’ve followed the instructions to obtain personal api keys, secrets etc for the youtube plugin.

They’re all sitting nicely in a text file in the pi’s /home directory.

Now, since there’s no browser in OSMC/Kodi, I KNOW that it’s OK to obtain these credentials from another machine (in fact the instructions refer only TO other machines)

So the 64kilodollar question is…

How do I copy these insanely long strings from the file and paste them into the youtube app?

There is a little built in web server in the addon you have to enable to copy paste the keys. See the instructions at:

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Thank you…missed that entirely.
As it happens (as it always happens), I worked out a way to do it 5 mins after posting…following an hour of hair tearing LOL.

my solution was simply to paste the api key, client id and secret into


PLEASE NOTE: you cannot just save a json from google and fire it in there, JSON gonna JSON :smiley: