YouTube DASH not working after upgrade to Kodi 17.6


I’m using OSMC in RPi3 for a long time with Youtube DASH. Usually I’m choosing stream quality manually. I see options for native YouTube resolutions like 1080, 720, etc and DASH option between them.

Today I upgraded my OSMC to December 2018 build and don’t see DASH option in menu.
InputStream Adaptive is enabled.
In log I see string:
21:19:19.584 T:1537209088 NOTICE: [] Startup: detected Krypton (Kodi-17.6), setting DASH_SUPPORT_BUILTIN = False, DASH_SUPPORT_ADDON = True 21:19:34.922 T:1537209088 NOTICE: [] Running: YouTube (5.4.5) on Krypton (Kodi-17.6) with Python 2.7.13

Native Youtube HD resolutions are just not working. DASH is killing feature for me. Help to solve a problem.

We’d need full, debug logs to look at this.

Which components? All of them?

Please follow these instructions.

I enabled debug log in Kodi with standart level.
Restarted RPi3.
Started youtube video with 720p.
Enabled MPEG DASH.
Started another video with 720p.
Run grab-logs -A -C and cleaned up some paths in /boot/uploadlog.txt.

Here is the log:

So no ideas?

I could to solve the problem!

At first for testing purposes I installed previuos build of OSMC (2017.10-1) and saw that MPEG-DASH still not working. So problem was not in OSMC.

Then I found Youtube Plugin thread on There was new alpha build and some userful information.

So to enable MPEG-DASH in OSMC now you need:

  1. Download and install latest alpha version of Youtube plugin ( for now).
  2. Enable MPEG-DASH Proxy in Youtube plugin settings.
  3. Wait few seconds before that proxy starts.
  4. Set minimal bandwidth ~30000000 in InputStream Adaptive settings.

All other settings are for you decision.
That’s all!

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