Inputstream Adaptive addon

Changes in YouTube have broken the addon for Kodi (MPEG-DASH feature) but in the last betas it seems to have been fixed with a new option. Refer to another thread :YouTube DASH not working after upgrade to Kodi 17.6 - #7 by a_j

Thing is that even with that livestreams do still not work and it seems that a feature from a new version of the inputream adaptive addon fixes this.

Can you guys from OSMC push this new i.a version with an update?

inputstream adaptive is an addon as well, you can download it directly from the source:

I read the addon thread and someone posted this:

No you cannot install from zip with inputstream adaptive.
Have to ask on the osmc forums about updating inputstream.adaptive to the latest version.

So that’s what I did.

It seems that has already been done. 2.0.19 version as of today. Thanks!

Could you update it to 2.0.20?

Thank you!

“With release 205, inputstream.adaptive was bumped to 2.2.10.”

from Leila build thread

@joakim_s Thank you, and yes, but I’m asking for Krypton.

You’ll have to wait for Leia. If this was possible, it would have come with one of the 17.x updates.

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