Youtube downloads with VP9 encoding scale wrong

Videos downloaded from youtube with the vp9 encoder are playbacked on my Vero 4K+ with the top left quarter of the video scaled to fullscreen on my 4K TV. The same files play correct on my PC with VLC. VLC shows the Codec as: “Google/On2’s VP9 Video (VP90)”.
All other files work well. Any ideas?

What’s the name of the clip? We can try reproduce it here.

Can you also upload some logs?

Hi Sam.
one of the clips is this one:
It has been downloaded with yt-dlp and this commandline:
yt-dlp.exe -f “bestvideo[height<=1080]+bestaudio” --merge-output-format mkv
I just restarted kodi with systemctl to get a short and clean logfile-
The logfile is here:
Thanks for looking into this!

A full logset with debug enabled would be more useful but it looks like for some reason it is upscaling the video when it probably shouldn’t be. Might be a calibration issue. Hard to say without setting guisettings.xml. If you have your UI set to 2160p try changing it to 1080p and see if the issue goes away.

Hi darwindesign,
changing the UI setting from 2160 to 1080 did the trick. Thanks!

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