YouTube experience on Vero 4K - update please

Not sure if the title will help but I am an occasional user of YouTube (YT) on my Vero 4K. The device is now running OSMC with Kodi v19.1 and I recall spending some time getting YT installed.

What has continued to be a disappointment, even with last update, has been the look and feel of the YT home screen which continues to be akin to that of a cli rather than a full graphics experience.

I recall reading somewhere that this was a deliberate policy but please could somebody update me. Is it possible to get a full graphics experience for the search and “home screen” or at least see the thumbnails of search results. Is it possible even as an option?

When in the search open the left hand menu and change the View to the one you like (see below one example).

Screenshot from 2021-11-09 19-33-57

Hi and thanks for the reply and suggestion. I think I am missing something more fundamental as I do not have any images on the screen once I have opened YT. Just a menu list of options including log in and search etc.
If I select search and search a subject I get list of possible options and if I select a result, only then do I get any video.
Is this what I should get?
If I do something similar when starting YT from TV I get six thumbnail images from previous searches or YT suggestions.
Where am I going wrong please?

As I wrote if you are at that screen press arrow to the left to open the menu I showed to change to the view you want

I have found what you suggested at last, for which many many thanks.

I do seem to be stuck with the selection but will experiment a bit. The bottom line for me is to try and get the YT experience with the Vero to be as close to that on the Firestick as possible but I may be searching in vain.

I also have another more technical issue. I have misplaced my notes on how I installed YT on the Vero in the first place. It is working but I cannot sign in. For the installation I need to sign in twice with code from When I try the second signature it tells me it is not authorised. I assume I have not completed my installation correctly. Please could you advise where I look to get this sorted out.