Youtube in 4k/HDR?

I know there is a youtube add on, but is there one that would allow me to view 4k & HDR videos via kodi?

I have such an app built into my TV, but for reasons unknown it doesn’t actually play HDR videos as HDR

We believe this is a Kodi issue or a specific Kodi function and as such you should look at addressing the issue there.

Still no 4K, and 1080p requires manual configuration =(

I’m sure we had 4K working on this a while back…

If you have any threads, I’d love to take a look.


I am using latest plugin 6.8.10 on Vero 4k and Adaptive streams - 2.4.6

Enabled DASH from the settings, set to 4k and HDR enabled. Everything else is default.
What I observe is 4k videos run on 4K resolution, but the ones that are HDR appear washed out and HDR mark does not display on the TV.

Both Vero 4k and the TV are 4k HDR capable as can be seen by certain movies playing from Vero and the native TV youtube app that has no issues displaying gorgeous HDR videos.

In addition with Kodi Youtube plugin I experience audio mismatch on certain videos, for example this one: 4K HDR 60FPS ● Sniper Will Smith (Gemini Man) ● Dolby Vision ● Dolby Atmos - YouTube this also does not happen with the native youtube TV app.

4k + HDR means VP9, currently VP9 on Vero doesn’t work with HDR. I assume this is something that will be looked in after the initial release of Kernel 4.9 and Kodi v19.

Thanks! If anyone knows of any possible workaround until then, please, let me know.

There’s no work-around. You should probably disable HDR streams in the add-on for the moment, so that it will access the equivalent 4K SDR stream instead.

Kodi have been doing some work on this. It affects all platforms. We do have a solution but I’d rather see the dust settle on what they are doing so we can tap into that. The metadata is only in the stream/file header which is read only by ffmpeg in Kodi, not in the frame headers which we can read directly.