YouTube on XBMC


I have a very stable RaspBMC system running on my R-Pi. Live TV streaming plus DLNA streaming.

Unfortunately Youtube has stopped working; I’ve tried OSMC/Kodi but have had some issues with the mouse (I need this on my setup) so would, for the time being, like to stay with RaspBMC.

I have superrepro installed but the only option I get is ‘The Collective’ V 4.4.10

Any pointers apprecioated folks.


Regarding the mouse - the default OSMC skin does not work with a mouse, however if you switch to another skin you will be able to use the mouse.

Which youtube plugin are you using ? There are two different youtube addons for Kodi by different authors, if you do a google search for ‘Youtube Kodi’ you should be able to find both of them and from deduction work out which one you are not already using - give the other one a try.

I believe the issue is that YouTube is using a new API and the old YouTube add-ons have not been updated (their authors have been absent for a while). I’m using the newer YouTube addon by bromix with OSMC on my RPi

There is a separate issue with RaspbMC that I’ve encountered with a few add-ons where https is not supported. Not sure if that’s relevant here.

I have Bromix YouTube and have had so for nearly two months.

RC2 and RC3 works no problems.

Might be worth uninstalling and re installing.

Edit: slightly misread your post. Sorry. Mouse issue has to do with OSMC skin as mentioned.

On raspbmc the ca-certificates package is not installed by default, you need to install it manually to get full ssl support.

This package is installed by default in osmc.

Thanks for skin suggestion, all works fine now.

I’ve updated the youtube plug in and all is now working.


All fine now with latest Bromix.

I will go to latest Kodi but present set ups working fine so don’t want to fiddle.