Youtube "one or More items failed to play"

Seems completely random, some videos play some don’t. Same issue across 3 v4ks, everything working perfectly about a week ago. Everything upto date.

Same procedure as about 6 or 9 months ago. YouTube does some internal changes, addons break, the error message you mentioned gets thrown. The Kodi team and the YouTube addon maintainers are aware of the issue and working on a fix. If you know your stuff, you can install version 6.6.0. manually but it should arrive in OSMC’s updates automatically soon.

6.6.0. Kodi Community Forum

Read backwards from page 133 to see how people reported the problem and the guys dealt with it.

There was an update to the YouTube addon 3 hours ago I bet it’s to address the issue.

You can grab it here Releases · jdf76/ · GitHub

And install from zip

No prob that’s great thanks for the info

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