Youtube playback issues

Hi All,

I have a strange issue with my PI2. It usulaly occurs on longer youtube streams (ie 15min+). Half way through the stream the video will act as if everything is “slow motion” and sound will stop.

It is not a speed issue as all my other means to play youtube (either browser or youtube app) operate fine. I have a 90Mps Down / 12Mbps Up. PI2 is hardwired to my router.

After the problem starts, if I stop the video, and then select the video again, and pick the option to resume from where the video left off it starts playing fine again. At the time this problem occurs I can pick up a laptop or Tablet and stream youtube without issues, so I’m not sure if it is App related or something to do with OSMC at this point.

I’m using Bromix’s addon on, version 4.1.2 I believe.

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. MOST IMPORTANTLY, you need to provide DIAGNOSTIC LOGS so we can diagnose the problem. If you don’t supply logs, we can’t help you. Please see for advice on how to help us.

No problem. I will grab logs next time I have the issue.

Would a video of the issue realtime as it happens be helpful along with the logs?

Unlikely… You seem to describe a typical buffering issue.

It might be interesting to try either the Kodi 16 (Jarvis) or Kodi 17 (Krypton) test builds.
There are changes in both of those (minor in 16 and major in 17) that could help.

Be aware that these are test builds. Backing up first or using a spare sdcard might be advised for testing.

i might give Jarvis a try. I backup /home using rsync to a seperate drive, and also image my whole setup with Clonezilla for safe keeping.

I also forgot to mention that playing a 720p movie with one of the kodi torrent addons, for instance, doesn’t buffer at all. I played the entire “Peanuts” Charlie Brown movie last weekend, and it didn’t even stutter. And that was 2hrs long, so I’m not sure if it is strictly addon related or not.

Hi Guys,

Just got the new remote, now, a new problem…the above mentioned. Youtube is buffering for ever.
Come on, I have a really really good net connection, like, 80-100 megs download speed and can’t watch youtube?
Can’t believe this, first, the remote, now these software issues?

It’s still valid:

Without being rude…I have time to watch tv in the evenings…I mean, it worked, I did not even touch the thing, because the remote was not working…nothing changed, just bought a new remote, now, it is just a nice blue evening light on my shelf.

Btw, it is STILL buffering…I watched the video ony my phone. 2 times.

And no mechanic can repair your car if you don’t allow them under the hood. We’ve made creating and sharing a log as simple as we can possibly make it.

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You need to read this:

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Anything else can stream from Youtube here except Vero4k.

Without logs, we can’t help you. Please post debug logs.

If this was a general problem as you want to make it sound this forum was full of unhappy people opening the same threads as you are.

Have you made sure you have the latest version of the addon installed:

Do you have MPEG-DASH in YouTube addon Settings enabled and configured and input stream adaptive addon enabled and properly configured ?