YouTube plugin causes lockup when playing trailers

I appreciate this is ultimately a Kodi/add-on problem, so not looking for an OSMC solution, but it may have identified a problem for OSMC.

TL;DR Youtube add-on freezes OSMC when trying to play a trailer. Powercycle to clear.

The Kodi Youtube add-on home page allows you to play movie trailers direct from the information page of a particular movie. The trailer URL is scraped at the same time as movie details are scraped.

For the addon to run correctly (for trailers), you need to register with Google API and services, and type ID’s into the plugin. Google recently made changes necessitating (most users) regenerating ID’s. However, until those changes are made, it presents to the User as an ‘Info Page’ when trying to watch trailers: ‘The following content is not available on this App. Watch this content on the latest version of YouTube’. On OSMC, this screen causes OSMC to freeze (or flicker to a plain black screen) and drop off the network. OSMC is then unresponsive to OSMC remote and CEC. A powercycle seeems to be the only way to regain control.


Usually crashes with Kodi are caused by ffmpeg crashing. Kodi v21 will move to ffmpeg 5.x and I’m hoping that such issues will be handled more gracefully there.

But from your log it doesn’t look like any playback attempt was made.

If you can reproduce it on another platform I can let the YouTube developer (@anxdpanic) know. Conveniently, he is also an OSMC developer :slight_smile:


I don’t see any attempt to find or play a trailer by the YouTube add-on itself. So the freeze is happening before that add-on even gets involved. Sorry, I don’t have any ideas off hand what it might be.


Quite – I’d suggest that @JGM tries to reproduce it on another platform for starters.