Youtube/Python error on Vero 4k


I always get a python error in kodi.log when playing Youtube videos.

Here are some version informations:

  • Box: Vero 4k
  • Kodi 17.6
  • Youtube plugin 5.5.0

The issue occurs since two/three weeks. First, I thought it’s a Yatse problem and didn’t dig further.
After looking into the “.kodi/temp/kodi.log” itself I recognised that there are python tracebacks when trying to start a video. The problem also exists if I start a video from the plugin itself (not via Yatse).

See the logs here:

I’m not sure if the errors comes from the plugin itself or maybe an incompatibility between python and youtube plugin.
I already deleted and reinstalled the plugin.

Thx for help!

It looks like it’s not happy with something it’s getting back from Youtube. Your best bet would be to contact the add-on developer.

Can anyone reproduce with the YouTube add-on?

Roland – what videos are you playing? Is there a video you could name that we can try to reproduce the problem.

Hi Sam
I play most times music, for example this one:

In the meantime Youtube plugin was updated to 5.5.1, that fixed the problem for most videos.

Thx for help