Youtube stopped working?


my youtube-addon worked fine playing videos in 1080p60 until lately. Since about 3 weeks every video watched in the youtube-addon ist buffering/stuttering every 6-10 seconds. Not possible to watch any video. I can’t remember having changed any setting. I checked settings and both youtube and inputstream are just fine. I also did a clean install last week, but it didn’t change the situation. I set inputstream and Youtube-Addon to 720p30. Now videos buffer faster, but hang every 10 seconds or so. My router also says everything is ok with the connection. My vero4k is connected via built-in LAN (100mbit/s). Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?

It’s already been fixed. You simply now need to wait until the alpha build containing the fix is pushed to the public.

Ah ok, sorry about. Didn’t know this was a common issue. I’ll wait and thanks a lot :wink: