Youtube 'the oauth client was deleted' login failure

Hi. I think you did something wrong when created a new personal api. Start all over again, or just remove and delete all youtube addon files and remains from your device and install v6.7.0.alpha2, and try again.You can install from this repo. This fixed the problems for me. Addon its working now.

And other thing. You must enable in google security, ”the access to less secure apps”, too. Only then you can make google to give acces to ”YouTube Add-on - Personal” app.

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I deleted the user I signed into youtube with (the account used to create developer credentials) in the addon settings, and signed in using my main account (which i use for youtube on all devices).

Now everything’s working. For now

Something very flakey about this process…

Reading back, i think if i enabled less secure apps on the account i created the keys with, it would probably work. Thanks for the tip (less secure apps is enabled on the other account as one of my email apps requires it)

And don’t forget to restart Kodi. This is important.
And another thing cross my mind. If i remmember corectly, when you link your addon with google, you need to input some codes, 2 times. After second code, on google side, you can’t press DONE to finish the process. Instead, you need to press ”advanced” and then Enable ”YouTube Add-on - Personal” access. Only then everything is linked corectly.
I write from what i remmember., but i think you got the ideea :slight_smile:

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I edited the ”api_keys.json” file from PC via File Explorer. Very easy. And then i restarted Kodi, opened the addon and logged in. Everything went smooth.

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Glad to hear that.

I’m just happy to have YouTube back up and running on the vero, despite the tribulations this time.

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Thanx thansen_dk!
After the key creation i was having problems to login and view some folders on youtube