Youtube 'the oauth client was deleted' login failure

Hi all,

Just tried to use YouTube on the Vero4k:

‘Login exception [401] deleted_client’
‘the oauth client was deleted’
Youtube then displays the setup dialog, and becomes stuck in a loop upon attempting to exit.

I can’t even find an uninstall option (not that I want to - too many finely tuned settings to make live streams work), only disable

I’ve installed all 9 pending updates, including youtube, and rebooted.

Searched the forums but found no matching errors reported.

Osmc version:
June 2019 2019.06-1

Youtube version:
anxdpanic, bromix - 6.6.0

I’ve been in hospital for 3 weeks (entire right side of liver and gall bladder removed to excise a huge metastasis).

Please help! Stuck in bed and bored!

Hi RR,

YouTube needs an API key now, which is a pain.
I think there’s a guide somewhere. Will check.


Hi Sam,

Good to hear from you, hope all is well.

YouTube’s been installed for two years - has something changed?

Yes. Google now make each user create an API key with their Google account.
See Personal API Keys · jdf76/ Wiki · GitHub

Thanks Sam. As I recall I went through all that when I first installed youtube. I guess I’ll need to generate new keys.
I’ll get around to it some time.
Many thanks for your swift assistance.

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Hi sam,

I spent an hour working through the guide (via tablet, it’s not a quick system), but no joy.

The app now exits with ‘youtube error check the log for more information’

Too tired for this atm

I had to delete the following file before following the guide, to get it to work

Located in osmc\.kodi\userdata\addon_data\\

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Does this mean that those of us without a Google account can’t use the add-on any more?

Unfortunately, yes. I tried to bring up the issue in the YouTube thread on the Kodi forums but mods understandably said it’s off-topic and not a technical issue but a privacy one.

One halfway solution if you’re privacy aware is to create a new Google account while using Tails or something alike and create the project + key following anxdpanic’s guide. Good luck finding a site with an online SMS receiver for phone number confirmation that hasn’t been used a million times before and can still be used for a Google account, though.

The downside to all of this is that it’s not possible anymore to browse YT like you would in the browser of a desktop OS – there YT doesn’t care if you’ve already visited it 1000 times or never. All of YT’s activity will be tied to this key. It’s an everlasting cookie, if you will.

One could try to mitigate this by publicly posting their API key and secret, so others will use it and Google won’t be able to attribute the key to one person. Data flooding, overinformation like they did with the radars, if you will. I’m not sure, though, how many site requests Google allows for free projects. There’s a counter …

Thanks for that. I’m not going to jump through hoops to get an ID. I did have an infrequently used mail account but it mysteriously stopped working a number of years back when Big G demanded that I give them my mobile phone number before they’d unlock it. That was never going to fly with me.

I’d been meaning to dump them for some time and used this unwelcome coercion as the push I needed to break the link permanently.

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Thanks thansen_dk,

I glanced at that file and contemplated deleting it.

Whilst I’m using a spare google account, I’m getting tired of jumping through hoops, and that company’s evermore pervasive surveillance.

Why google can’t/won’t create a linux client is beyond me. How many devices have official apps? Chromecast, roku, android, apple, windows etc etc

The other day I had to upload a ‘selfie’ of me holding my passport to re-gain access to an account to fix an ‘urgent SEO problem’.

I think the problem is that the YouTube add-on on Kodi never showed any ads? At least if it did, there’d be no way to accurately account for impressions and they would be vulnerable to clickfarming (or whatever the visual equivalent is)…

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Did you delete your old project and created a new one? I didn’t worked for me when I used my existing project needed to create a new one.
And then delete the credential file on Kodi. You can do that directly from the Youtube Addon config page.

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Same for me, tried log in with API and project created last year, ans it wound’t take it, showing an error message. New project, new API keys and it all went smooth.

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That’s it exactly!

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Does anyone know if the youtube api keys can be added via the file system rather than the UI?

Did you read the Page @sam_nazarko linked to?

At the bottom has the manual steps via files


Method 2 or 3 of anxdpanic’s guide are heavily recommended if you want to avoid the RPITA of putting in 3 damn long strings via Kodi’s screen keyboard on the remote.


I’ve meticulously repeated the entire setup process, having completely deleted the project I set up yesterday. I also removed access_manager.json, as suggested.

I’m still getting ‘YouTube error check the log for more information’.

Rather fed up now. The setup process is a real grind (on my tablet the google SPA is painfully slow)

I’ve no idea what to do now.

Any suggestions gratefully received

I created a new user in the youtube addon setup screen, using the email address of the google account used to generate the oauth and api credentials.

I signed in again, re-entering the codes generated at
The youtube app refreshed, but ‘sign in’ was still shown.

I can, however, play back videos in the ‘live’ sub menu.
I’ve no idea if that works regardless of the google api requirements, or if I have to fix a user setup problem…

Also, existing searched items can be selected and play back without problems, despite me not being signed in