Youtube with OSMC / Vero 4K+

I am new to Vero 4K+.

I have installed the Youtube addon. When I try to use it, I get the error message “Youtube access not configured”.

I have searched the internet for this and found a very long and for me very complicated way (API Key etc.) as a solution for this problem.

Is there a simple solution for OSMC / Vero 4K+ to be able to use Youtube?

No, the API key process is the only way to get it working.

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Then an Android box is probably better for me after all.

Setting up YouTube is a pain, but you’ve only got to do it once; after that it works very nicely, and the whole process only takes about 30 minutes.

But if you want to use it for commercial streamed services, like Netflix, Prime Video, or Disney Plus, you may indeed be better off with an Android device; there are some significant limitations to those.

I built a windows PC and use that for youtube, that way I can block ads using ublock origin and run it through my ssh tunnel without any issues like a normal desktop. I just can’t stand the adverts on youtube apps.

Having the windows pc is also useful for playing music with foobar which has visuals or if you want to play nowtv or some other stream service. Much better performance than the native LG OS. The alternative was to buy an android based stick but I rather have windows pc and stick with vero4k for playing from NAS.

Not sure what you are trying to tell us, but YouTube on OSMC doesn’t have any adverts and work standalone independent from anything so much easier

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Android box is OK and I don’t miss osmc and VeroK at all. You can also get Kodi 20.0 in Android and I have not noticed any difference compared to osmc. you will not have any problem installing youtube. Just download and run.

Not trying to say anything other than what I said.

I could never get youtube working decently on vero 4k, which is why I looked for alternatives.

Have been using YT without issues (API key and stuff in use) for years now.

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Fair enough. I have youtube on my LG tv smart TV as well. I just prefer using a normal windows browser for it, I guess it is just personal preference.

The same here.

I’ve been using the “Cast Kodi” plugin on Firefox to browse youtube with the web browser, and then send them to the vero4k+ to play on the TV. Haven’t needed to get an api key or anything with it. You do, however, need to have widevine installed in kodi (via Inputstream Helper) for things to play

Great this works for you, unfortunately for me that won’t work.

For me the issue is needing an API Key, which means a Youtube account. I’ve been watching youtube on PC without using an account, not logged in, and don’t want to create one now. Therefore a ‘strandard’ browser running on OSMC/Vero 4K+ is highly desirable - I assume the browser vendors have a vendor API Key to include with their browser? Would be nice if I could extract that.